Contracted out Inbound Call Centers like Peconic Bay Marketing, Inc. have become very popular in recent years.  Due to advances in technology, it has become increasingly common for major corporations to foreword their 1-800 calls to an inbound phone room.  For the average consumer, they have no knowledge of this and it does not affect their call in any way.  For a customer service call, the customers problems are rectified and for a sales call, the sale is recorded and documented in a database and forwarded to the client.  But the effects for the client can be incredible.


     Since the inbound calls are forwarded out to a call center, there is no overhead, no employees, and no headaches! Peconic Bay Marketing, Inc. has a fully staffed room running during (and beyond) regular business hours and on weekends to take your phone calls!  Our Customer Service Representatives (CSR's) are trained and have backgrounds in virtually all aspects of Customer Care and Satisfaction as well as inbound and outbound phone solicitation.  We also record and monitor all of out phone calls to ensure accuracy and quality assurance. Copies of these phone calls can be forwarded to the client upon request.


     No matter the size of your company, Peconic Bay Marketing, Inc. can help you with you inbound needs!  Whether it be inbound customer service, inbound sales or even 'overflow' from your 'in-house' customer service room during the 'busy times' when your customers need the attention they deserve.  Peconic Bay Marketing also specializes in Start Up companies who may have no existing customer service department or knowledge.  Our reps are fully trained and our technicians know the Customer Service Industry and how to set up a new inbound campaign to service you and your customers to the greatest extent!


Some of the Inbound Teleservices We Offer And Provide Include:



Customer Relationship Management


Customer Service Calls


Overflow Calls


Catalog/Product Sales




Data Entry/Mail Receipt


100% U.S. Base Call Centers!


No Start Up Fees!!


No Scripting Fees!!


No Training Fees!!!












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